PROTECTON plastic conditioner, 250ml

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    PROTECTON plastic conditioner, 250ml

    Interior Car Care

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    • Plastic and vinyl care formula providing a homogenously semi-glossy surface
    • Preservative emulsion enriched with precious oils replaces moisture that the plastic has lost and restores plastic parts to their original appearance
    • Clean plastic surfaces with Plastic Wash prior to first application

    Plastic and vinyl parts in and on automobiles are exposed to various negative immissions that cause ageing of the material quite quickly and intensively. The most prominent among these immission factors are heat, frost, UV-radiation and the use of aggressive detergents. If you let your automobile stand in the sun for an hour or two, you will experience the heat to which plastic is exposed to. Plastic components contain various additives, including plasticisers to enhance suppleness and fillers to determine surface surface quality. Protecton will return them to their best-original condition.