METAL POLISH, Chrome- and Metal care, 200ml

    Product code: MC1023310

    METAL POLISH, Chrome- and Metal care, 200ml



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    • removes rust and oxidation on chrome, stainless steel
    • polishes bronze and brass
    • provides an effective long-term protection

    Swissvax Metal Polish removes contaminants, rust and oxidation on various metallic surfaces such as chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, bronze and brass. It returns gloss and provides an effective long-term protection.

    Chrome parts are a noble and important focal point of a boat. Contrary to popular belief chrome requires regular care, for the chromium layer is very thin and prone to corrosion if not taken care of. Unfortunately, the flawless gloss of chrome is too often treated with too aggressive polishes and tarnished forever by unwanted micro- scratches.

    Stainless steel is often used for rails, fittings, swim ladders, window frames and rods of Bimini tops etc. Although the material is stainless, it can nevertheless form rust deposits (e.g. around screws and hinge areas) on the stainless steel surface. Especially when navigating saltwater, regular cleaning is therefore necessary to prevent rust stains on gelcoat or teak.