Elephant Leather Preserve, 125 ml

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    Elephant Leather Preserve, 125 ml

    Leather Care and Alcantara

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    • Excellent restorer and care for nappa leathers
    • Refreshes leather and protects it from water whilst still keeping the material breathable
    • Safe to use, does not darken leather or make it look brindle
    • It is to be applied after leather has been cleaned with Swissvax Leather Cleaner and treated with Leather Milk

    Normal liquid leather care products only contain a minimum quantity of fat in order to improve the products storability, but on the other hand also compromising the products restoring and softening characteristics which are essential. Leather as a natural material requires fat and - even if it is known to be a very durable material - it has to be fed with it on a regular basis. Elephant leather fat refreshes your leather, effectively protects it from water and still keeps the material breathable. It is safe to be used even on delicate nappa leathers and does not darken the leather or make it look brindle. As a pleasant side effect, Elephant leather fat restores this amazing "touch and feel" of genuine nappa leather we are all craving about.

    We recommend the use of Elephant Leather fat after the leather was cleaned with Swissvax leather cleaners and Leather Milk. Excellent to fight squeaking leathers, too.