CLEANER FLUID REGULAR, 470ml pre-cleaner (non-abrasive)

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    CLEANER FLUID REGULAR, 470ml pre-cleaner (non-abrasive)

    Car Polish, Scratch Remover

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    • A non-abrasive paint preserving solution containing heavy polishing oils that will nourish and refresh the paintwork
    • Removes Swirl marks, light scratches, tree sap and tar spots and perfectly cleans and nourishes the paintwork surface
    • For factory new or repainted paintwork or used paintwork with light scratches

    Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular is an advanced paint preserving solution containing heavy polishing oils that will nourish and refresh the paintwork and does not contain abrasives. Cleaner Fluid Regular has to be applied before the first wax application and easily removes swirl marks, light scratches, tar spots and tree sap as well as old wax and other residues and provides a smooth and perfect surface as an essential basis for the wax application. The application of Cleaner Fluid Regular is an absolute must before the first wax treatment.

    Admittedly other paint cleaners also do the job of cleaning and preparing the paintwork for the wax application, but there are two important differences: The first one is that Cleaner Fluid Regular stops short of the healthy underlying paint layer without scratching it while conventional polishes fulfil their function by using abrasives chafing away the paint with abrasive particles which continue working also through a healthy paint layer. Secondly, the paint nourishing characteristics of Cleaner Fluid Regular are simply unreached.

    Cleaner Fluid Regular (combined with the application of the Paint Rubber clay bar) caters for an immaculately clean and as smooth as glass surface which is an essential precondition for the wax application. It is only possible to achieve a perfect finish and long term protection if the paintwork is perfectly pre-treated - preparation is key.

    Cleaner Fluid Regular may be comfortably applied using a handpuck (anthracite) or a coton applicator pad (white) with light pressure and then is buffed off with a Micro-Fluffy Towel.

    We recommend Cleaner Fluid Regular for paintwork in factory new condition and used paintwork with light scratches. Should the paintwork of your automobile be in worse condition please pre-treat it with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium, Cleaner Fluid Strong or Mechanic Paint Repair.