ALCANTA CLEANER for Alcantara, 250 ml

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    ALCANTA CLEANER for Alcantara, 250 ml

    Leather Care and Alcantara

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    • Effective but safe cleaning spray for Alcantara surfaces
    • Easy and quick application
    • Can be applied regularly

    Alcantara is not a leather. It is an ultramicrofiber material and has similar needs as synthetic textiles. While cleaning, neither rub the material nor use harsh detergents which will permanently damage the material. Swissvax Alcanta Cleaner uses biological degradeable ingredients and was specifically developped for cleaning Alcantara. 

    Old and/or neglected Alcantara often shows a "knotted" surface, the so-called pilling. You may try to treat the surfaces with our Leather Grinding Pad. If the pilling has not gone too far you will be able to restore the surfaces to an acceptable level. Otherwise the material needs to be replaced.