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Fiberglass Boats (GRP)

The most commonly used boat building material is made from glass fibre reinforced polyester resin. The material is characterized by high strength and low weight. The smooth outher skin is the protective Gelcoat made of polyester resin. It’s sensitivity to UV radiation leads to the chalking of the gelcoat. Regular care with polish and wax, however, can prevent this process for many years.


Wooden Boats

Wood is the oldest and most natural material used by the boatbuilding industry. Unlike fiberglass boats, wooden boats require more care and maintenance because wood can absorb or release moisture, making it either swell or shrink. As wood is working, paint and wood coatings have to allow sufficient flexibility to sustainably protect the wood from moisture and rotting.


Steel and Aluminum Yachts

Steel and aluminum are both popular boat building material, which are capable of carrying heavy loads and have high strength. Because of its high strength and flexibility, steel is mainly used for the hull construction and the construction of larger yachts and strips, while aluminum is often used for weight-saving superstructures on steel ships. Both metals corrode, albeit in varying degrees, and should be protected with a good paint and paint care system.


Marine Collections & Kits

Boat care should be easy care. Based on our experience and your needs Swissvax Collections are perfect for this goal and are fun to work with – with up to 15% price advantage than buying the products individually. So when you finally find the time to care for your boat, you do not end up with missing any products, applicators or towels. All necessary products for the job are neatly arranged in a practical thermo-insulated Cooler-Bag.


Cleaning Teak

Teak has always been a very popular material in boat building for deck planking and interior and exterior fittings. Naturally oily, teak does not rot, this is due to the contained silica within, which is particularly resistant. Outdoors, however, teak decks and teak furniture polute and get greyish over time. With the right teak care products they can be repeatedly cleaned and restored to their original wood colour.


Jet Skis & Outborders

The surface of outboard motors and jet skis are exposed to extreme influences and must withstand high temperatures, direct sunlight, deposits of lubricants as well as fresh and saltwater spray. The right surface care system in conjunction with practical quick detailing products for regular maintenance will keep them protected, shiny and clean.


Inflatables & RIBS

Inflatables and RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) are made of sensitive materials such as Hypalon®, Strongan®, Duotex, PVC etc. and are fided with rubber and plastics applications for handles, rub rails or tail cones. Since aggressive solvents or chemicals can damage or erode these materials, only specially suited care products for inflatables should be used.



Contrary to popular belief chrome requires regular care, for the chromium layer is very thin and prone to corrosion is not taken care of. Stainless steel is often used for rails, f…ings, swim ladders, windows frames and nods of Bimini tops etc. Although the material is stainless, it can nevertheless form rust deposits on the stainless steel surface. Especially when navigating saltwater, regular cleaning is therefore necessary to pre- vent rust stains on gelcoat or teak.


Vinyl & Plastics

It’s just like skin care; First comes the cleaning, followed by the care. Pore-deep cleansing is essential if you want to achieve a pristine finish. Preservative products enriched with precious oils for the care and protection of plastics and vinyl parts restore old plastic and vinyls and maintain new plastic parts in new condition for a very long time when applied regularly.


Glass and Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are easily scratched and lend with age to chalking. We have developed products that allow gentle caring and safe restoration of flexible vinyl. Glass windows on boats are significantly exposed to salt water or hard watr. In combination with strong sunlight ugly water stains arise that can only be removed again by laborious polishing. Glass surfaces can be quickly and effortlessly sealed to ensure crystal clear visibility in rain which facilitates navigation (especially at night).


Quick Detailing Products

An effective Quick Detailing Spray for multiple surfaces such as fiberglass (gelcoat), painted surfaces, lacquered woods, metals, glass and plastics can save a lot of time and efforts. “Spray on – wipe off” convenience with excellent sealing properties leaving the surfaces slippery as a fish is exactly what you need on the water. Enjoy more time “on” your boat, instead of “at it”.



Boat care should be easy care! Polishing pads, applicators, high pile detailing towels, microfiber towels or even a metal polish applicator with brass wool moven into it? Find the right accessories for the job here – as well as our 72 page handbook on marine care. It’s free.


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