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Car care, interior and exterior workshops.

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All new products at a glance!

Here you will find all new products of Swissvax.


Collections & Sets

You can't get Swissvax at a lower price. Thoughtfully selected and at least 20% cheaper!

We have a very accurate idea of our customers' needs - our individually assembled sets are designed to match them.


Hand car wash

Car wash day!

With our efficient washing accessories and care tools, washing your car is child's play. Quite clearly, these products restore your car's dazzling shine to its former glory after every wash.


Paintwork care & metal care

Everything to return paintwork to the mint condition you want to see

We can't quite do magic with our products, but almost!


Quick-Detail Spray Products

SWISSVAX quick care - a perfect finish in minutes

This product series saves you time! Extremely quick and super-efficient to use.



These carnauba waxes don't bring a warm glow just to your paintwork

For deeply reflective surfaces that do more than simply "shine" - sensational!


Mattepaint care - special care

We also do matt!

An individually developed set of care products with stunning results, only for the special requirements of matt paintwork.


Wheel rims and tyres

The wheels come first

Clean wheel rims and tyres with a silky matt shine are your car's "well-polished shoes"


Interior & cockpit care

Interior features made of plastics, alcantara, choice woods and much more

Quite rightly, you expect us to be competent in this area too - and we are!


Leather care

Anti-ageing care for your leather starts here...

Our multifaceted system makes short work of stopping the ageing process of your leather as soon as it starts. Prevention, protection, maintenance, repair - all of these are possible!


Convertible hood care

A roof over your head

Dull rear window, brittle seals, faded plastic soft-top roof? No problem!


Glass & vinyl

Crystal clarity and chromium gleam

Complete your perfect finish! You don't have to have entered your vehicle for the next concours d'elegance to take pride in it.


Plastics & rubber

As-new plastics surfaces and a "clean heart"

Of course, we have perfect product solutions for these sensitive areas too. Perfection in every detail!



The best craftsman is powerless without good tools

We don't like to leave anything to chance. Experience a range of practical and refined accessories - they will be of tremendous help to you in achieving first class results.


Polishing machines

We don't work with amateurs

Whether you're a beginner or a pro: with Big Foot polishing machines anyone can polish - anyone! Without swirls, quickly, safely.


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Give out some light!

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