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    The Ø 15 mm orbit and the RUPES Ø 125 mm backing pad make the random orbital polisher particularly suitable for curved surfaces. The 15mm orbit of the LHR 15ES, shorter than that of its big brother the LHR 21ES, is coupled with a higher rpm level than that of the LHR 21ES. This higher speed gives the LHR 15ES equivalent cutting power to the LHR 21ES, in spite of the smaller orbit. Its Ø 130/150 mm BigFoot polishing foam pads, perfect balance and vibration-free operation make the LHR 15ES a real gem and a must for the tool kit of every detailer.

    New technologies have considerably changed and enriched surface treatments over the last years. The real revolution took place in the development of new micro-powders and in the consequent reduction of solvents. On one hand, the increasingly stringent GHS guidelines must be adhered to (Global Harmonizing System), on the other hand polishes have to work efficiently fast on the latest modern paint finishes and remain at the same time "retro-compatible" for older paint systems. Swissvax's developed line of PROFESSIONAL CLEANER FLUID polishes are high-end IMT polishes and are based on the modern and contemporary intelligent micro-powder technology.

    Included in the scope of delivery
    • 1 RUPES LHR 15ES Random orbital polisher
    • 1 SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Professional Medium 500ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Professional Regular 500ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX polishing pad MEDIUM blue M
    • 1 SWISSVAX polishing pad FINE white M
    • 1 SWISSVAX Micro Fluffy