MASTER COLLECTION without wax - (Please choose your 200 ml wax separately)

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    MASTER COLLECTION without wax - (Please choose your 200 ml wax separately)

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    • Here's the real McCoy
    • Swissvax' complete know-how on interior and exterior car care in one practical thermo-insulated cooler bag
    • Individual dividers let you organise your personal Master Collection as you like it
    • Separate compartment holds all towels and brushes in place

    Included in the scope of delivery:

    • 1 SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Regular 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Medium 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Strong 100 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Pneu 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Crystal 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Wheel Spray Forte 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Car Bath 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Protecton 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Micro-Fluffy (anthracite/anthracite)
    • 1 SWISSVAX Micro-Fluffy (anthracite/red)
    • 1 SWISSVAX Paint Rubber (yellow)
    • 1 SWISSVAX Leather Cleaner 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Leather Milk 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Quick Finish
    • 1 SWISSVAX Lotos Speed, 250 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Metal Polish 50 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Autobahn 50 ml
    • 1 SWISSVAX Wood Polish
    • 1 SWISSVAX Hand-Puck small
    • 1 SWISSVAX Wax Applicator Pad (black)
    • 1 SWISSVAX Cleaner Applicator Pad (white)
    • 1 SWISSVAX Car Mini Duster
    • 1 SWISSVAX Waschpudel
    • 1 SWISSVAX Micro Glass Duo Set
    • 1 SWISSVAX Sontara
    • 1 SWISSVAX Micro Wasch yellow
    • 1 SWISSVAX Micro Dry
    • 1 SWISSVAX Detail Brush
    • 1 SWISSVAX Pneu Brush
    • 1 SWISSVAX Wheel Brush
    • 1 SWISSVAX English Handbook (available in 10 more languages)
    • 1 SWISSVAX English leaflet
    • 1 SWISSVAX Cooler Bag with dividers (thermo-insulated)

    The famous Master Collection offers Swissvax' complete know-how on interior and exterior car cosmetics in one practical valet kit. It represents all the rich know-how and the sense for perfection that Swissvax has achieved over three generations with its unique car care system. It allows you to achieve superb detailing results on the exterior, the interior and in the engine bay of your automobile by perfectly catering for the care and protection needs of paintwork, wheels, tyres, leather, seats, plastics, vinyl, chrome, brass, nickel, glass, etc. This kit will assist you in enhancing every detail of your automobile to award winning Concours standards, it will also allow you to maintain your vehicle in factory new or even better condition for years to come. Yes, even a little car duster comes with the kit. Thanks to the logical Swissvax handbook - that explains the application of all products included - you will save time and effort!

    If you decide to reward your automobile with the Master Collection kit you will also need to select a wax of your choice from our "waxes" section to compliment the kit.

    You will definitely cause a sensation when you use these revolutionary products for the first time. The Master Collection makes an ideal gift for any car enthusiast, too!