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    DISCOVERY KIT with MIRAGE wax 50 ml

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    • Discover now what makes Swissvax famous throughout the world
    • Discover now why Swissvax is OEM supplier of car care series to  to Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bugatti and Lamborghini
    • Comes in a handy carrying bag

    Included in the scope of delivery:

    • Swissvax Mirage wax, 50 ml
    • Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Regular (non abrasive pre-wax treatment) 250 ml (+ white appplicator pad)
    • Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Medium (removes micro scratches) 100 ml
    • Swissvax Nano Express (Quick Paint Refinisher), 100 ml (+ black pad for applying the liquid)
    • Swissvax Micro Absorb microfibre towel (rose)
    • Swissvax applicator pad, black sponge (silicon-free)
    • Swissvax Handbook in English (available in 10 more languages)
    • Swissvax carrying bag

    Discover the perfect car care! SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Regular (pre-wax treatmant): abrasive-free nutrient solution to take care of your paintwork.

    Oxydised paint, tar, tree resin and old wax are completely removed without attacking the next healthy paint layer. SWISSVAX Cleaner Fluid Medium (micro scratch remover): among other things to remove surface scratches, bug debris and marks caused by bird droppings. They are removed from the paint layer systematically, but also gently, by its innovative micro granules. Swissvax Mirage is a premium wax for all types of paintwork including clearcoats, ceramicoats (so-called nano paints) and lacquers. Thanks to its formulation including 40 Vol. % of pure Brazilian Grade-One Carnauba wax it creates an impressive degree of gloss and offers your automobile's paintwork thorough long term protection against all kinds of negative immissions. Thanks to its proverbial ease of application and the perfect results it provides, Mirage is very popular both with private collectors, enthusiasts and professional users.

    SWISSVAX Nano Express (Quick Refinisher): Want your vehicle clean and shining in minutes? You can achieve this with Swissvax Nano Express - in one process. Light dirt and car wash scratches are removed gently from all bodywork, trims, plastics, aluminium and chrome. The most up-to-date nano wax technology creates the desired Swissvax shine without any streaking.