Spoke Wheel Kit

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    Spoke Wheel Kit

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    • Wheel Cleaning Kit for spoke wheels or wheels with complicated design
    • Including Rotary Brushes for use with battery operated drills
    • Comes in a handy bag

    Included in the scope of delivery:

    • SWISSVAX Wheel Spray Forte (wheel cleaning ) 500ml
    • SWISSVAX Wheel Brushes (small and large)
    • SWISSVAX Micro Wash (Microfiber Wash Towel yellow)
    • SWISSVAX Rotary Brush 11 + 12 (cone and piston shape), synthetic, 2 pcs
    • SWISSVAX Rotary Brush 21 + 22 (cone and piston shape), horse hair, 2 pcs
    • SWISSVAX Rotary Brush 30 (baton shaped), micro fibre, 3 pcs incl. adaptor for drills
    • Handy carrying bag

    Offers environment friendly wheel cleaning. Its excellent cleaning power is due to the combination of the individual components - Wheel Cleaner Forte, wheel brushes and various Rotary Brushes for use with battery operated drills. Synthetic Rotary Brushes for chromed or non painted spoke wheels as well as extremely soiled aluminum wheels, horse hair Rotary Brushes for painted wheels, micro fibre brushes for polishing as well as cleaning of more complicated designed aluminum wheels. Just stick them on a standard battery operated drill and spoke wheel cleaning gets easier than ever.