ENTRY COLLECTION with SHIELD PTFE* Carnauba wax (40% Vol.)

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    ENTRY COLLECTION with SHIELD PTFE* Carnauba wax (40% Vol.)

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    • Complete valeting kit with Swissvax' multiple awards-winning car cosmetic products for the exterior paintwork, tyres and plastics that will leave you speechless in admiration.
    • A 200 ml container of Shield PTFE* wax will allow for 10 to 15 applications!
    • Swissvax Handbook in English describes the easy application of all products included.
    • A practical and thermo-insulating Entry Collection cooler bag with adjustable strap keeps your care products always at hand and tidy.

    Included in the scope of delivery:

    • Shield PTFE* carnauba wax, 200 ml Innovative, special wax with 40% Vol. Grade One Carnauba and enrichment with PTFE * offers increased protection for all paint systems.
    • Cleaner Fluid Regular, 250 ml Neither a polish nor a wax. Paintwork-cleansing care fluid (without abrasives) for wax pretreatment
    • Cleaner Fluid strong, 100 ml Micro-scratch and swirl remover with micro-granules
    • Paint-Rubber regular (yellow). Clay bar (about 120g) easily removes adhering deposits on the paint surface (like soot, paint overspray, tar spots, rust, insect remains, etc.) without scratching the paintwork
    • Quick Finish, 250ml serves as a lubricant for the Paint-Rubber cleaning clay compound . Can also be used as a quick detailing cleaner on the go or in showrooms etc.
    • Pneu, 250 ml Rich rubber dressing for rubber seals and shiny tyres. Suitable for white walls, too.
    • Micro-Fluffy(anthracite silk border) Luxurious high pile double fleece detailing towel, perfect for wiping off Cleaner Fluids
    • Micro-Fluffy (red silk border) Luxurious high pile double fleece detailing towel for wiping off carnauba waxes
    • Applicator pad, textile (white) for application of Cleaner Fluids
    • Applicator pad, sponge (black) for application of waxes and plastic conditioners
    • Swissvax Handbook English
    • Entry Collection cooler bag (thermo-insulating) with adjustable strap
    * What is PTFE?
    PTFE resin (polytetrafluoroethylene) belongs to the class of paraffinic polymers in which hydrogen is, 
    to a part or completely, replaced by fluorides. The original PTFE resin was invented in 1938 by DuPont
    and baptized by the name Teflon. PTFE has an extraordinary resistance against chemicals and has 
    one of the lowest coefficients of friction of all materials known to us today.