AQUA GLEAM water filter 30 ppm

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    AQUA GLEAM water filter 30 ppm

    Hand Car Wash

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    • Finally! For a guaranteed car wash without water spots!
    • A freshly washed car with 30 ppm filter don't need to be dried.
    • Perfect gift idea for any car enthusiast

    The final stage of any good car wash system is a pure water rinse that ensures a spot free finish. Now, thanks to the Aqua Gleam in-line filter you can enjoy the benefits of virtually pure water, giving you a spot free finish when washing your car at home. Aqua Gleam filters are available in 2 versions: 30 ppm (30 parts per million) for hard to medium hard water and 0 ppm ( 0 parts per million) for medium to soft water. The lifetime of the corresponding filter depends on the hardness of the water. In areas with particularly hard water it may be preferable to use a 30ppm filter followed by a 0 ppm filter to achieve the same perfect results as at low water hardness. Both filters have change in color over a wear indicator . Aqua Gleam is also a perfect gift idea for any car enthusiasts.